Multiple round, interactive quiz.

We will provide a truly interactive quiz putting your teams to the test in a variety of rounds designed to put even the company ‘Mastermind’ on the spot. In order to ensure that all guests are involved we combine a range of different rounds that will ensure that every one should feel that they know the answer – or do they?!

The event will consist of visual question/answers rounds on the big screen where the guests will answer via a wireless remote handset with scores been calculated instantly. Additional interactive rounds can be added so that we can get the guests out of their chairs and on the main stage. Guests will be given an initial introduction to the event and instructions on how to use their interactive handsets, then the fun begins.

We can incorporate the event throughout the dinner, running a couple of rounds in between courses and announcing the winning team at the end of dinner.

A selection of the following rounds will be included are:

  • General Knowledge

  • Guess that Song

  • Jacobs Cracker Challenge

  • Sport

  • What Happens Next?

  • Who’s the Mummy?

  • Geography

  • Baby Face

  • Card Tower

  • TV & Film

  • Guess the Theme Tune

  • Name the Year


10 - 200+




1 - 1.5 HOURs