Beat the Clock is an exhilarating event based on a recognized extreme sport challenge. It is designed to engage participants in a contest of intense energy and collective determination. Delegates compete not only as individuals, but also in teams to establish the fastest hands at your event.

The event will begin with our facilitator giving a brief explanation and history of this particular extreme sport. The facilitator will provide tips for successful runs and then divide delegates into teams.

The teams are directed to preparation areas where they’ll have the opportunity to warm up on rubber practice pads before stepping up to a specially designed machine which will accurately count how many drum strokes are achieved in a in 60 seconds. Individual heats will at this time determine which delegates are running the fastest times under the close supervision of our facilitators.

Once all  heats have been completed, teams will have a few minutes to plan their team strategy for the final event. Team members stand in lines running parallel to each other as they await their turn in an action-packed finale. This will see participants having to make swift decisions on the placement of their strongest team members as the clock starts ticking to achieve the highest possible score when time runs out. At this point the chasing scores will be projected onto large screens (dependant on the size of the venue) and delegates are encouraged to vocally support their colleagues in what becomes a thunderous, adrenalin-fuelled finale.

BEAT THE CLOCK is by no means a musical event. It will reinforce to all participants the value of collaboration and seeking each other’s strengths to benefit their entire team.

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  • DURATION 1 – 1.5  hour
  • GUEST NUMBERS 10 – 300
  • REQUIREMENTS 1 hour to setup and space for a 1m x 1m area for each participant