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Transform your team into a percussion band.


Advantage Events offers team building on a grand musical scale…as the entire group transforms into a giant percussion band.  Using the infectious rhythms of Samba, Rhythm Stix transforms a group of  individuals into a giant percussion band with each person playing their part, in time and on cue.

With Rhythm Stix everyone is involved.  Even the most reserved characters are soon beaming from ear to ear as they stamp, beat, shake and drum in rhythm with their colleagues. The perfect example of teamwork at its best, Rhythm Stix demonstrates that when individuals work in rhythm together as a team they become an unstoppable force.


If creating a sense of unity and shared achievement is important to you, unleash your team on Rhythm Stix –it will bring out the best in them.


10 - 200+


1 - 1.5 HOURS

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