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Teams film trailers from the latest blockbuster movies.


It’s A Wrap! gives participants an opportunity to enter that multi-million pound world of the movies. Where extraordinary budgets can be used to visit exotic locations, and the glamorous are there to entice us.

This event is an indoor or outdoor event. Filming can take place in various locations making the most of your chosen venue. Delegates are split into studios; each studio is given the same brief and set objectives at the start of the challenge.

An award-winning trailer for a big budget movie needs to be created and delivered for screening at the end of the session. Studios have then to develop a strategy, storyboard and script before moving into production and meeting the deadline. Techniques from the subtle to the blatant can all be employed. Equipped with cameras, music, a small number of props, make up and ideas it’s time for action!

This challenge encourages participants to work closely, use their creativity along with strategic planning and project management’s skills to make the project a success.


5 - 200+


INDOOr or outdoor


1.5 - 2 HOURS

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